SOPRA SOTTO Spring Residency

  • 18/03/2024
  • Fashion Room

‘Senses and sustainability:

reimagining fashion, textile production,

consumerism and our connection to nature’  

MEET & GREET: Martedì 2 Aprile dalle ore 16:00 c/o Fashion Room Firenze


SOPRA SOTTO’s Spring 2024 residency, taking place in March-April, invites 6 interdisciplinary creatives to La Tegolaia in Tuscany.

Exploring the tension between consumerism and environmental consciousness, the residency delves into the paradox of materialism and spiritual connection to nature in Tuscany, particularly within the influential fashion and textiles industry. Participants will look into themes around non-consumerism, self-sufficiency, and the de-growth mindset, exploring initiatives like recycling strategies and biodegradable fabrics.

An important aspect of the three-we­ek residency, is the emphasis on slowing down and reconnecting with oneself and nature through the sen­ses, in order to foster a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of humanity and the environment. During the residency, cross-pollination is encouraged through multi-sensory experiences and collaborative workshops.

The artistic process is prioritized over expected outcomes, and a strong focus is on creative exchange among residents and the local community, which culminates in a closing event that is open to the public.


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