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Cross-industry colour forecast with colour ranges and inspiration for fashion (women's, men's, sports + active),interior, cosmetics and product design.

- Internationally established and successful colour forecast featuring reliable and market-ready trend themes.
- Early publishing date: available 18 months ahead of the season.
- Comprehensive imagery with inspirations for moods, materials, structures and patterns.
- 8 colour themes consisting of more than 50 colours in total and providing proposals for typical fields of application and colour combinations.
- Thorough and concrete comments on the themes by texts and key words.
- Complex view on colour trends in context to lifestyle and spirit of the time.
- User-friendly presentation of the colours, colour combinations and design inspirations.
- Extra set of removable original Pantone® colour swatches 11 x 2,5 cm (double folded) of all colours used in the themes.
- Overview of all themes in poster format.
- Ring book with removable single pages.
- NEW: CD-ROM containing photos used in the themes as shown in the book (.jpg format) as well as an animated version of the themes accompanied with music.

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Mese di Uscita: 06/12
Stagione/Numero: AW 2020/21
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