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Concept offre una perfetta panoramica delle tendenze chiave per la stagione a venire.

- un'editoriale con un analisi ancora più profonda che mette in evidenza le KEY DIRECTIONS della stagione.

- Ogni tema presentato come un Moodboard per più parole chiave, immagini e armonie fondamentali.

- Le PLASTIC COLOR SWATCHES sono disposte per gruppi di nuances così da evidenziare i più importanti colori della stagione.

Sviluppa e chiarifica quali trends si riveleranno fondamentali per le aziende al fine di indirizzare ed elaborare i processi di design.

60 colori attentamente ricercati, sviluppati e selezionati per poi venire rappresentati e suddivisi in 6 temi concettuali rivolti ai campi della moda, del design e del lifestyle.

Si trova inoltre inclusa nel quaderno una cartella colori presentata in filato, tessuto e plastica.

Il Concept risponde ad ogni genere de design, visuale o funzionale, concettuale o concreto. Le tematiche sono presentate ciascuna con una scheda colori generale, abbinamenti tra i vari colori e composizioni sorprendenti.

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AW 2021/22

As we are ready to physically enter the 2020 decade, a few questions come to mind, one in particular: what can we expect from these next 10 years...?

So much has changed over the last 2 decades that it would not surprise anybody if even more disruptive forces will affect how consumers live, think and shop.

Some of these underlying trends are already very visible such as an aging population, more women in the workplace, economic power shifts, climate change and sustainability, demand for personalization, mobile and digital evolution, but these are just a few.

With this in mind, let's take a look at what FW 21/22 can offer us in order to satisfy the consumers of tomorrow and lighten up the weight and changes of this next decade. For FW 21/22 its time for creativity to take center stage, with colors being a key component of this unforgettable season.

Noble leftovers:

Don't throw away what you don't may come in useful especially thanks to new solutions and recycling, driving innovation across industries. An urgency in finding an alternative to disappearing natural materials resulting in more and more recycling, upcycling of textile, plastics or even animal by-products.

Defying cliches

A fluid and chromatic palette that transcends the notion of masculine and feminine. A reversal of the meaning of GIRLY and POWERFUL: Even after the millennial pink wave, pink is still everywhere but with a different consistency and meaning.

New Neutrals

A fully contemporary, urban tech induced atmosphere. Ultra connected and cold, but offset by noble and sensual materials. colored neutral are refined and charismatic.


Finding the uniform of protest. The global movement, protests, revolutions, around the world are triggering a new wave of colors. Colors feel lived in, faded, as if they had been part of a previous life or on the battlefield of a quest for freedom.

Luminous and light-weight

In an era where consumers are highly sensitive and conscious of their environmental footprint, the aim is to create guilt-free products the feel designed to last thanks also to a timeless aesthetic. The materials take center stage leading the design process.

Optimistic Rebellion

A theme anchored in urban spaces where super brights come in. They are breath-taking, sculptural, extreme, bringing optimism and momentum. Splashes of flashy chromatic tone color awaken the dullness of life and its surroundings allowing for freedom of expression to reign.

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