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Trendforecastbook 20/20 Vision offers a clear and well-organized overview of world wide cultural, technological, economic and social trends.

It is an essential source of information and inspiration for anyone who is involved in long term product development, marketing and strategy.

Research into long term trends (2-5 years) is the foundation of 20/20 Vision.

What is currently happening in the world affects people´s thoughts and values and therefore what kind of products will be needed in the future.

The colours and materials are directly related to the research in this book, these are the aesthetics that are relevant today and tomorrow.

- Annual release
- Trend research, consumer insight and design directions
- Strategic concepts
- Key future materials and colours
- Four inspiring posters


Welcome to Vision 2023 by Oltmans van Niekerk, where we examine the changes in global cultural, technological, economic and social developments in 2023 and beyond.

Globally, we are still living through a pandemic; however, there is light at the end of the tunnel as a result of rapid vaccine development.

It will be 2025 before we have a historical view of the current pandemic. As a result of the current younger generation’s beliefs and values, we will begin to see fundamental societal changes. Will they be the generation that changed the world?

It is not just up to the younger generation to change the world; it is up to us all. We can do better for each other, our world, and future generations. The pandemic has clarified what is important to us.

Between the years 2020 and 2025, the year 2023 will be a period of rebuilding society, block by block. We have to shape a new world based on new values. It is time for a masterplan and action to ensure that fresh ideas are implemented.

2025 is a target year for many companies. We are now more aware of how little time we have to implement changes and create strategies. The year 2030 is set as a deadline to stem systemic climate change and that is already in sight.

For lasting impact, it is essential to activate change on every level. Commit yourself to equal rights and humane technology and create a more nuanced world to live in. Make the world better, smarter, cleaner and more equal.

Many of today’s problems were present before the pandemic, including a fear of the future. We have to learn to love the future again; see it as a new and exciting concept.

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