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The Spring + Summer 2024 season comes full of positivity and dreams - a calm after a few storms, horizons of hope and recovery, musings of a distorted present and a curious look at the past through eyes of the future.

The theme of dreams referenced at the Venice Biennale, we're inspired by the title of Leonora Carringston's book "The milk of dreams"(about a magical world where life is constantly re-envisioned through the prism of the imagination - a world set free, full of possibilities).

We embark ourselves in a journey to find a place of peace and happiness, ridding ourselves of the negative in order to manifest a change in the history of the future.

Where the Surrealist painter had studied Carl ung's 5 Factors of Happiness, we offer you our stories intead, inspiration to re-invent and adapt to the better world we strive to create- imagination and joy fuelling the efforts to make a change and achieve a balanced, sustainable peaceful future.

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Casa Editrice: D.Chiper
Lingua: Inglese
Stagione/Numero: SS 2024
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