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This book will surprise you!

A full range of colors developed for the active wear, tech and accessories markets.

It includes: key directions & themes of the season through, key words and text, innovative materials & finishings, color harmonies and inspirational imagery.

You will receive it in a special box for extra protection with a personal card that will allow you to download directly all the digital material content from A+A website.


The increasing unrest and instability perceived by global consumers and also by the younger generations, does not seem to be receding, pushing design to take unexpected, yet innovative positions.

The demand for increasingly customised, consumer-made products, differentiated in size, structure and performance and driven by a diverse, even broader and inclusive public, has pushed design towards the need for versatility, accessibility and inclusiveness.

Longing for uniqueness favours the second-hand market. Although it is not such an important aspect for activewear, it contributes to spreading the idea of a retro aesthetic, based on re-editions and re-designs of outfits taken from the past.

The influence derived from the digital universe, generated by the passion for e-sports and the Metaverse, although growing in numbers, seems to be losing intensity compared to the exploits of previous seasons. This makes way for materials with a more artisanal look, handmade, irregular details, often combined with hi-tech fabrics.

Aesthetic and cultural references are evolving, and the traditional sports influencer is being replaced by highly original figures, who play unusual sports, who have a strong dose of creativity as content- creators, customising the product and their own image, far away from the stereotypes of the past.

Materiale: Trendbook

Peso: 3.5 Kg


Casa Editrice: A+A DESIGN STUDIO
Lingua: Inglese
Mese di Uscita: 04/10
spedizione gratis: 1
Stagione/Numero: AW 2024/25
Uscite per anno: 2


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