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Trend forecast for the respectively four upcoming seasons concerning colours, materials, design and styling for women's wear, men' s wear and young fashion, including street and retail reports, reports on merchandising, as well as analysis of consumer behaviour and its influence on fabric and fashion trends.

Bi-annual specials about colour and design trends for yarns and knitwear, Colour and design trends for yarns.


“If you want a job done well, do it yourself” – an old maxim that’s never been truer than in these days of disparity and dissatisfaction. Conflict, inflation, recession, energy crisis, massive inequality, climate change … who’s dealing with all this? Certainly not the politicians, bankers, economists, and institutions that are meant to run our world. Hardly surprising, then, that no one trusts or believes them anymore. Better to empower ourselves, to take charge of our own destinies and wellbeing in body, mind, heritage, family, community, identity, self- expression, survival – and even the metaverse.

It’s self-love, but not the kind we remember from the past decade, summed up by selfies and me-first. This is about self-care and self-expression, embracing not just the curative properties of our surroundings and homes, but also their healing properties – and the expressive powers of our clothes.

As we argue in our inspirations section at the end of the magazine: “Putting your heart into your actions might sound poetic and sweet, but it is not. It is, instead, an effort of determination and power to change the status quo, to challenge business as usual with constructive anger and consistency. It is to stand still and focus while listening to that inner voice that is always right and comes directly from our heart.”

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