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LIFE IN COLOURS brings back to its orgins, by focusing more on lifestyle including inspirations from decor, fashion, accessories, beauty and much more.

This book offers chroma for all categories, whether it’s a dash of glimmering eyeshadow, a brilliant faux fur coat, a glazed tile backsplash or a humble package of soap.

When combined with texture, detail and silhouette, these colors have the power to communicate multitudes, we would like this book to be a be a transversal tool across industries and " seasons".


Color is a visual code that expresses the full range of emotion, from serene whites to sultry darks, comforting warms to dreamy cools.

These tones become like notes in music, working in harmonies or dissonances, and in combinations that may conjure up a time in history, a particular place or an inspiring art movement.

Like taste or scent, color stirs the tendrils of memory, whether personal or collective.

Materiale: Trendbook

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