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A full range of colors developed for the active wear, tech and accessories markets.

It includes: key directions & themes of the season through, key words and text, innovative materials & finishings, color harmonies and inspirational imagery.

You will receive it in a special box for extra protection with a personal card that will allow you to download directly all the digital material content from A+A website.


25.2 is characterised by a wave of innovation. Even if sportswear was instrumental in defining the prevailing style in the 2010s, we are seeing a change that is reverting strongly to sartorial tradition, safe value and a seemingly timeless classic.

In activewear, while some functional elements remain firmly rooted in consumer habits (sneakers, technical outerwear, sports gear), in everyday wear, many traditionally sporty items seem to be replaced by a new classicism.

Activewear is breaking away from an urban influence while streetwear is taking on a more experimental and innovative path, deeply influenced by technological innovation.

To give rise to truly unprecedented and avant-garde forms of design, a more democratic and effective inclusion of 3D printing processes together with the integration of innovative design processes are implemented by a more accessible use of A.I. programs.

The major themes concerning the mixture of virtual and real worlds is becomes an inexhaustible source of new strategies, projects and production innovations. The major ethical issues argued in the previous decade seem perhaps less stimulating, while the primary objective of companies still remains: demonstrating a deep social impact and a look towards a future where the new consumer demands are: inclusiveness, respect, awareness.

Last but not least, a certain nostalgia for the early 2000s also seems to be influencing the world of sports, drawing attention back to the typical glamorous Y2K minimalism.

Materiale: Trendbook

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Casa Editrice: A+A DESIGN STUDIO
Lingua: Inglese
Mese di Uscita: 04/10
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Stagione/Numero: SS 2025
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