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The 60 key colors of the new season as original PANTONE® Swatch Card Strips and Chips for your own color concepts!

The color card Essential Color Summary (ECS) provides you with a reliable overview of the most important seasonal colors in the fields of women´s, men´s and children´s wear as well as sportswear and interior.

Compiling the colors relies on the "last minute principle", made by experienced trend experts and based on the latest information gleaned from leading specialist trade fairs, publications and trend information.

This innovative concept means that the ECS color card not only applies to the fashion branch but also is seen as important key information and a practical working tool in other design areas.

At the same time, it remains a practical tool for compiling individual color concepts.

- Compact color survey, arranged according to four trend themes with 3 sub-groups each
- 12 packages with original PANTONE® Swatch Card Strips in the size of 2,5 x 11 cm (doubled)
- This means 55 square centimetres of working material per trend color for the individual composition of color ranges and harmonies!
- Designation of every color by utilization of symbols for woman's, man's, kid's and sports wear
- Brief texts illuminate on the seasonal color specialities, materials and moods.

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