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Colour waves per colour family are the core part of the D.cipherfm trend book.

Evolving into actionable forecast consumer trends based on menswear targetting with a strong sense of menswear changing in sign with the times.

Men changing their consumer behaviour and how that reflects on menswear colour & trends is the core of D.cipherfm way of presenting each season. Books containing large cotton colour samples, which you may buy extra swatches from as a client (single swatches).

D.cipher men trend book maintains branding as a tremendously comprehensive compilation of men's trends. Including trend themes with references to focused target groups and purposes, this book has a market-oriented structure which is incredibly easy to operate.

D.cipher colour samples in 100% cotton are coloured solely for this book, making them unique on an entirely new level! 

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Casa Editrice: D.Chiper
Lingua: Inglese
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Stagione/Numero: SS 2025
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