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A full range of colors developed for the active wear, tech and accessories markets.

It includes: key directions & themes of the season through, key words and text, innovative materials & finishings, color harmonies and inspirational imagery.

You will receive it in a special box for extra protection with a personal card that will allow you to download directly all the digital material content from A+A website.


“Fear” is the common denominator for 26.1 but with an optimistic and curious attitude!

The fear of an uncertain future and renewed global conflicts.The continued realization and catastrophic news about climate change, the discovery of new and unknown viruses and the unknown effects of Artificial Intelligence, are just some of the drivers that are influencing the contemporary consumer in making often extreme choices.

New dystopian visions, images of dark and post-apocalyptic worlds, of mutations and deformed inhuman creatures. They all seem to lose their creepy status by taking on a cathartic and almost reassuring value. Redefining the concept of "beautiful," of gender stereotypes, of inclusivity, of the "woke" culture.

A renewed interest in seduction, in the freedom and openness to display the body with a certain naive and fetish passion.

We are split between the desire for rigor, essentiality, functionality and minimalism and the new image culture generated by Deep Learning technologies. A hybrid world with the re-definition of symbols and the complexity of historical and iconographic references. Activewear appropriates this unprecedented language and is inspired by fantastic creatures, transforming them into sophisticated, trans-humanistic style icons.

The drive towards a beRer future pushes the search for more innovative materials, always bio-compatible, recycled and degradable, but also for customizations and decorations. A strong retro-futurist component full of references to icons of Pop culture, revised in a contemporary key.

These are the new parameters of a more modern aesthetic and design but with a strong optimistic vision filled with dreams and ready to welcome new future worlds.

Materiale: Trendbook

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Anno/Mese di Uscita: 04/10
Casa Editrice: A+A DESIGN STUDIO
Lingua: Inglese
prodotto digitale: 0
spedizione gratis: 1
Stagione/Numero: AW 2025/26
Uscite per anno: 2


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