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The PT Leather in Design project aims at promoting the integrated development of innovative products by the Portuguese Leather Industry.

FW 2024/25 season features a large variety of colors, textures and patterns. Dark tones are present in all themes, but always interwined with beige tones.

Metal, gold and copper play a prominent role and mix with the other colors in a very subtle way.

Comfort and design are key points, without ever forgetting the more creative and exuberant side.

Rough surfaces, colorful fur, natural elements and snake scales are the main textures of this season.

Genuine leather, this time mixed with various materials, thus recalling its versatility and value.

Peso: 3 Kg


Anno/Mese di Uscita: 2023
Casa Editrice: PT Leather
Lingua: Inglese/Portoghese
Stagione/Numero: AW 2024/25
Uscite per anno: 2


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