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What is LIFE? Life is color. Color is life.

A colorful world we are living in. It is a blessing.

Every single thing exists on Earth can be associated with colors. Colors are not only for the eyes to see.

Our hearts and bodies see and feel colors too as they have effects on our emotional,psychological and physical state. My idea is to teleport the readers to all parts of the world, even to some unfamiliar places – to experience life, to embark on a colorful journey together, and to find its true meanings.

At the same time, I invite all of you to look around at the world surrounding us, to zoom in and look at the bigger picture. It goes without saying, that the environment, nature, global and social trends are continuously evolving and changing, constantly influencing our life, our choices and existence.

I encourage people to reflect on the past, present and future- the past leads us to where we are today, and reminds us to live the present with appreciation, to gather enthusiasm and use it as a fuel to move forward into the future.

Since this is about predicting trends, what will the future look like?

And what future do we want to create?

This is the very fundamental conversation for the creators and innovators who would utilize this book as a starting point.

Touch and feel the colors and textures of the materials.

Visualize the movements of the colors as they dance on paper, in harmony.


  • The layout has a new format- it has become a new tool for all creative designers.
  • All inspirational images can be removed and used to create your mood board.
  • The materials stand out on their own making them more visibile. 6 exclusive materials created by A+A per theme. 
  • 2 new exclusive prints have been added to each them in psd. open files format.
  • Connecting the stories: the last page of each theme connects to the first image of the following theme.
  • Each theme has a unique color range in soft touch paper( that can be cut-out) + fabric/materials. The colors DO NOT come from CONCEPT. They are new and can be integrated with COLOR CONCEPT.
  • It is seasonless, therefore you will have suggestions that work in all seasons. It can be used also as a transition between one season and another. 
  • QR codes for more photographies and video

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