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This book is focused on key trend stories that belong to the year 2026 in terms of innovation, research and creative suggestions.

26.1 edition

Other than predict the future, this manual is an exercise of experimentation.

My invitation to you in this journey is exactly this: we want you to experiment, play and touch!

Play with your tactile senses, feel the textures, imagine different combinations and how they dialog with one another.

Shifts in consumer behavior have disrupted the status quo around the globe.

After an in-depth analysis of many marketing studies, fashion runways, creative bootcamps and critically acclaimed art exhibitions, we have collected important data that has been translated the concepts into breathtaking graphic and print sample, innovative surfaces, elaborate textures, creative material manipulations and fabric blends.

Every time someone mentions the future, it makes us cherish the past even more. Past and future walk hand in hand. 

They collide in the most spectacular ways, giving rise to trends that are as nostalgic as they are forward-thinking. Embarking on a journey through the history of time delve into the captivating world of “AncestrologIA”. A word created by the union of Ancestry and Technology where threads weave narratives of culture, identity, societal as well as technological evolution.

The preservation of ancient techniques that come together with prevailing developments, innovations, and advancements in the world of technology. Our motto for this edition is “time travelling”. We go all-in, celebrating traditional techniques passed along between generations, conserved either in secluded tribes in distant lands or regional groups of artisans.

Local environments mixed with spiritual/ancestorial rituals, socio-political provocations and souvenirs converted (and corrected) into a creative oasis made green.

In other words, a twist born from the fusion of ancestry, legacy and constructed with cutting-edge alternatives for a new tomorrow!

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