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Character Styling – The Bear

Many ways to design a character in a modern style - 8 characters, 146 model sheets, 61 graphics, 15 textures.

This book provides new characters, free to be used, and an illustrated manual how to use them.

It's all about bears which as can be seen in the book, are able to develop very different characters.

You will learn how to construct the basic forms, and to meet the psychological and chromatic characteristics wanted.

Like every respectable character, the bears will have suitable names and logos.

Included as well is a large series of model sheets which show how to move and animate the character in various positions and situations.

Finally, each of the characters is supplemented by exclusively developed graphics, logos, textures and patterns.

The book includes a CD-ROM for Mac and PC with all motifs in the formats Adobe Illustrator 10, Adobe Illustrator 5, EPS (Illustrator 5) and in low resolution (200 dpi/JPG) for drafts or web design, to be opened with Adobe Illustrator 5 or higher,
CorelDraw 8 and higher, Freehand 8 and higher, and Photoshop (any version).

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