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This comprehensive - decorative and impressive - professional handbook of Lace Designs contains 1000 lace motifs and is a must for all producers of Lace, Embroidery or similar products, because of its wide range of images, arranged as single motifs, all overs, borders, stripes, ribbons, as well as design combinations and variations of a basic lace design, different edgings, sizes, repeats, etc.

A real treasure with a huge quantity of useful and practical lace models for all kinds of use - decoration, interior, fabrics, prints, embroidery as well as for ornamentals and paper art. All designs in monocolor (b/w), printed in a book version + digital support, on DVD-ROM (TIFF/JPEG + EPS/AI Format (Vectorgraphic).

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Casa Editrice: Belvedere
Pagine: 224
Stagione/Numero: 2017


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