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The present Design Collection gives a wide overlook about all kind of Stripes, in all its variations.

From the Small Classics, the Symmetricals, Asymmetricals, from the Multi-Color to the Large Scale Stripes, as well a wide selection of Monochromes, incl. a scheme of typical Color Combinations.

Each chapter contains Design Stories, Color Ways, Combinations and the related Patterns. The designs are destinated for weaving and print, ready-to use also for any kind of printing techniques.

Additional Color Tabs showing the colors of each design, in a digital color structure by: CMYK, RGB, HSB, Lab, Indexed Colors and Pantone.

The Files are in TIFF Format and in EPS / AI Files (Vectorgraphic). All the motifs are Copyright-Free and ready-to-use immedeately for your convenience.

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Casa Editrice: Belvedere
Pagine: 160
Stagione/Numero: 2012


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