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About the design series GRAPHIC PROVIDER by DENIER François.

For more than twenty years, we have worked in the world of textiles and licensing, whether for world famous brands, institutions or cartoon characters companies.

This work allowed us to gain great knowledge of this universe with a complete approach from design to finished products and remains always focused on the satisfaction of the end customer.

Frustrated not to find the complete right design, graphics, research, inspiration, trends, bringing together the different expectations one could have, we decided to create it ourselves, mixing a personal approach combining humour and trends by caring about commercial expectations and manufacturing constraints.

We hope that in the GRAPHIC PROVIDER series you will find the sources of your future products.

Throughout each edition of Graphic Provider, we choose a theme and explore the possibilities of messages, graphics, colors, ... A bit like a toolbox, you will find the devices allowing you to create visuals by using them. adapting to the chosen orientations.

In Graphic Provider 04 we opted for a universe around sport and covered a wide range of mixed, individual or collective sporting activities, the hobbies, the codes, the graphic expectations, the favourite subjects of this category with a way of treat with winks, an offbeat look. A desire to propose different axes.

We invite you to actively participate in your creations by modifying the visuals to bring them in line with your objectives, to be inspired by them in other directions.

About the designs
- More than 350 editable designs
- Over 350 editable application examples
- More than 45 different theme’s, moods
- Each theme (mood) with its individual colour palettes

Type of data
The data are suitable for use on computers with Macintosh® or Windows® operating systems. Graphics and sketches are saved as vectorial files. They can be opened or imported and edited using the appropriate vector graphic software (see list below).

The files are saved as :

*.ai – Adobe Illustrator version CS6 or newer

*.eps – for Illustrator CS6 and CorelDraw® Graphic Suite X6 and newer 

*.pdf – for Adobe® Acrobat® and all software programs mentioned above

We recommend that you use the latest available version of the graphics software listed. With older versions there is a risk that the file format of the images will not be fully supported. It is also possible to open the files in pixel-based software programs such as Adobe® Photoshop® or CorelPaint®. They will however be opened as Bitmaps without vector functions and with clearly limited possibilities for editing.In the data you will find a lot of designs – each saved in a separate folder containing four files: an Illustrator® file (ai), an EPS file (eps), a pdf file with vector functionality and a jpg file as well

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