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Black & White Matrix 325 Textures ready & free to use. A book full of ideas in black and white! 

325 attractive structures, textures and ornaments, al perfectly repeated, build up a mosaic of beautiful patterns, arranged together in a way which inspires new ideas for pattern mix and patchwork optics.

The included data DVD for Windows and Macintosh contains all 325 Textures, each in 5 file formats: Adobe Illustrator Versions 5 and 10 (vectorized), EPS (for Illustrator 5, vectorized), PDF (Bitmap, 800 dpi), JPG (Bitmap, 100 dpi).

All file formats can be opened and processed (according to their file characteristics) with the following software programs: Adobe Illustrator 5 and higher, CorelDraw 8 and higher, Freehand 8 and higher, Adobe Photoshop (all Versions).

These file formats allow the scaling of the textures, selection and new arrangement of details, individual changes of pattern elements, the conversion from black and white into two or multi-coloured textures and much more.

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