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Online & editable surface print designs for fashion, accessories, interior, lifystyle and more as PDF/AI (ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CS, partly with vector functions) and PSD (ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS, 300 DPI, partly in levels).

Prnts & more is an ideal addition to colour and theme forecasts for everybody working with high-fashion printed patterns, thus in the fields of textile printing, finishine, garment production and retail, accessories, home textiles, wall papers, tiles, gift wrapping and much more.

SUNSETS report


In this selection you will have 150 repeated prints focused on psychedelic tie-dyes, eye-popping blossoms as well as beautiful sunset views ,blurred and distorted with ghostly surreal quality.

Easy and extravagant at the same time, florals and foliage silhouettes in large scale and acidic colors.


- Fashionable according to the latest catwalks.

- Designs for any product and surface

- 150 modular repeat prints

- All files as PSD/JPG and or PDF/EPS files

- Free to use in accordance with the copyright terms

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