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This book has 60 unique prints & patterns with additional colourways for each design. The book is inspired by florals and temperate leaves from the forest.

The base of each design is focused on leaves and bright flowers with placement of ditsy flowers, birds, animals and bouquet of florals, branches and water body birds.

The patterns are ideal for textile printing on shirts, tops, blouses, bottoms, cocktail wear, evening wear and more.

Original elements inspired from the jungle with non-tropical leaves and bright exotic florals give a modern and fresh aspect to the storyline.

Dark night botanical flower patterns in this book are soft and gentle with most of the patterns in repeat.

A must for creative designers, young and mature brands for fashion, textiles, design, home, interiors and design.

Floral prints & patterns book

Contents: 60 Designs with Additional Colorways
Editable /Design files are represented in TIFF & JPEG
Most of the designs have layered editable Photoshop (PSD) files
Most of the Prints are in Repeat

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