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1 year subscription

Trendbook Menswear (NLMW), Trendbook Womenswear (NLWW), Styles & Accessories (NELO) and Color Usage (NLCU)

Selective and future-oriented analysis.

Provides you an access for 12 months to a selective analysis of the Designer Shows from New York, London, Milan and Paris, compiled according to future minded design criteria.

The focus is on a complex appreciation of fashion.

Colors, materials, surfaces, patterns, silhouettes and styling are covered but also all the other components which make up a fashionable expression.

An offer which covers all of your trend relevant needs and brings the necessary inspiration to design and create your next women’s & men´s clothing and or accessories collection.

Bringing each season the market-driven trend and innovative themes including inspiration, in-depth color analysis, color combinations, material direction, styling, accessories, details and many inspirational and editable illustration.

A perfect offer for women’s & men´s fashion professionals which provides a selective and future-oriented analysis of all the leading womenswear & menswear designer shows from the international fashion capitals.

A must have offer each professional from the women´s & men’s fashion industry needs to have an access!

Don’t miss out today what you need tomorrow.

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