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1 year subscription

Include: Trendbook Womenswear (NLWW), Styles & Accessories (NELO) and the Color Usage part Women

Selective and future-oriented analysis.

Provides you an access for 12 months to a selective analysis of the Designer Shows from New York, London, Milan and Paris, compiled according to future minded design criteria.

The focus is on a complex appreciation of fashion.

Colors, materials, surfaces, patterns, silhouettes and styling are covered but also all the other components which make up a fashionable expression.

An offer which covers all of your trend relevant needs and brings the necessary inspiration to design and create your next women’s clothing and or accessories collection.

Bringing each season the market-driven trend and innovative themes including inspiration, in-depth color analysis, color combinations, material direction, styling, accessories, details and many inspirational and editable illustration.

A perfect offer for women’s fashion professionals which provides a selective and future-oriented analysis of all the leading womenswear designer shows from the international fashion capitals.

A must have offer each professional from the women´s fashion industry needs to have access!

Don´t miss out today what you need tomorrow.

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