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1 year subscription

This offer includes all 4 Color Essence Fashion colour forecasts Women, Men, Sports and Children.

The Colour Essence team of international colour experts set about combining fantastic and new shades into a trend-led colour selection.

This selection is created without restrictions or compromises for Complete FASHION Colour forecast offer- whatever was selected could be realised through our own spot-on colourings.

Each colour card presents, 24 months ahead of the season, important basic information concerning the colour trends, colour moods and therefore deliver the key for your early and individual colour concepts.

The physical card includes below each mood board an original swatch sample of the exclusively created for Color Essence colours.

Next to these each colour comes with an original larger cotton swatch 10 x 10 cm to show you a larger surface area of the colour, giving you a better visual impression of the colours, use in your colour works.

As a plus and in order to follow the dynamic increase of our customers wishes to have the Colour Essence information accessible especially in digital all this is now combined together with an online access.

The ONLINE ACCESS creates tremendous new opportunities for the users of Color Essence forecast. You will benefit from the “24/7” access at any place in the world.

Have access to an extra features providing you with the individual digital values of the colour dyes exclusively created for Color Essence.

On our platform you can download the QTX, LAB and RGB values of all colors created for Color Essence!

This offer includes all 4 Color Essence Fashion colour forecasts Women, Men, Sports and Children.

By buying this offer you will receive immediate access to all the digital colour card versions and there benefits.

The physical cards will be separately send to you so to enjoy the complete benefits of all Color essence colour cards.

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