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We are proud to introduce the new changes made to LADYLIKE book.

This book has been updated, modernized and adapted to today's woman.

There is no one ideal woman — each theme can be adapted for diverse customers and divergent styles.


A rise to a new prospective about fashion has revolutionized the way people perceive this industry. Social media has kept the industry alive and we are ready to experiment and explore new aesthetics.

The fashion workplace is moving towardsequality while empowerment is abiding in the hearts of the people. The costumers' taste is influenced by a certain sense ofnostalgia for past era’s; thankfully fashion’s fascination with the 2000s is less overt than of late, but the slouchy jean rave-like denim remains a must have; and the skirt/dress–over–pants styling trick looks back to the early days of influencers.

There’s a lot of post-war energy in popular culture now; with the cult of Marilyn and the upcoming Barbie movie being just two examples. Designers added the Golden Age of Couture to that list. Not only are there big occasion looks, but models struck poses that could have been borrowed from 1950s issues of Vogue.

Tailoring is the main message of the season. Designers, like many of the rest of us, are looking for a bit of order post- pandemic, and as we enter a new year. While silhouette options are many, the full-legged pantsuit leads. A suit, be it a jacket with pants, skirts, or shorts is one way to look sharp and all dressed, but the neat thing about a tailleur is that it is also the basis of a mix-and-match modular wardrobe.

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