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“The Adventure”

"We are proud to present to you the new 25.2 FEMME!

We have worked hard to bring together creative sample materials in each theme and a wonderful "full-page collection"of our exclusive 50 prints in psd. format that you will find at the end of the book before the color range."

Fashion and travels are almost one and the same. Both evoke images and sensations of freedom and fantasy, discovery and adventure, creativity, romance and escape.

We are inspired by places we have gone to, and by places we want to go.

We might not be able to experience new destinations, but we have to find new ways to change our vision and get inspired.

They say that style is a global language, but some destinations still have a profound meaning when it comes to "influence".

All cities are special in their own way. They give us the chance to explore the different personalities, heritage, individuality, design and creativity.

To celebrate the diversity and unique styles that make fashion so exciting we want to take you on a journey around in six different destination that are the key themes for 25.2.

Materiale: Trendbook

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