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The fashion industry embraces an ever-evolving array of new looks, styles, and trends influenced by various factors such as technology, uncertainty and changing lifestyles.

Changes in economic factors have also swayed conusmer preferences in different directions.

They are more empowered to choose products that resonate with their own personal values.

On-demand-fashion is becoming more mainstream.

There is still a desire for highend goods and quiet luxury products, where minimalism rules, while maximalism is creeping in again together with injections of fun and frivolous looks In this edition, we explore the glitch and chaos of digital raving as well as new and innovative ways in which young people are expressing themselves online.

A return to a more refined glamour, quiet luxury and a pared-down take on sensuality with a renewed interest in seduction and in the freedom and openness to display the body with a certain fetish passion.

The importance of rest, sleeping cycle and self-care to create balance within our hectic lives is forcing consumers to be more mindful, taking action on what is best for the body, mind and soul. Introspection, spirituality, and a visionary journey towards a collective consciousness is awakening the senses as part of our process of evolution. Sub-zero fashion is back but with key elements that are a combination of a pro-snowboarder but with all the sartorial prowess of a pro-street-styler ready to combat the cold.

For 26.1 we explore new parameters of a more modern aesthetic driven by the need for personalization, sustainability, awareness, self-care and higher consciousness.

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Anno/Mese di Uscita: 02/08
Casa Editrice: A+A DESIGN STUDIO
Lingua: Inglese
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Stagione/Numero: AW 2025/26
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