Indietro  Basics Fashion Design: Developing a Fashion Collection - Third Edition


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How do fashion designers conceive of, develop and ultimately launch commercially and creatively successful collections?

Developing a Fashion Collection walks you through the process, exploring research techniques, sources of inspiration, forecasting trends and designing for different markets.

From couture to high street, knitwear to accessories and covering the implications of online shopping – there's advice on every aspect of creating your collection through 27 insightful interviews with international practitioners. Interviewees include John Mooney, Brand Creative Director at ASOS and Jane Palmer Williams, Head of Executive Development at LVMH.

This 3rd edition also covers silhouette, fittings and final samples, sustainable practice, developing high street collections, fabric selection and finding inspiration through vintage designs.

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Anno/Mese di Uscita: 2022
Casa Editrice: BLOOMSBURY
Lingua: Inglese
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