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The Denim Manual is one of the world’s most comprehensive denim book covering every aspect of denim, including history, fabrics, designs, washing, care and more!

The book also introduces technical processes and terminology unique to the denim industry with insider tips.

It is accompanied by over 700 illustrations, photos, charts and diagrams presenting information in an easy-to-read visual format.

You will understand the value of denim and the story behind it with this timeless encyclopedia.

A True Understanding of Denim

Denim is a complex and special fabric with a rich historical and cultural heritage.

In this comprehensive book, you will discover the meaning and value of denim throughout history and acquire lots of practical knowledge, expertise and terminology in a concise manner.

  • The most comprehensive Denim book covering history, denim fabric, design, washing and care.
  • A complete collection of denim fabrics, washes, and terms.
  • Easy to understand, with over 700 illustrations and photos.
  • Covers insiders’ knowledge and tips to help you become a denim expert.

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