Indietro  Mastering Machine Knitting: From the Thread to the Finished Garment


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A very useful step-by-step manual for mastering the creation of knitted garments using a knitting machine in a new updated edition.

In the world of textiles, knitted fabric is one of the most complicated materials to work with but also one of the most used.

This is a book for all fashion lovers who, while fascinated by knitted fabric, have not dared to venture into this field, as well as for advanced and professional knitters who want to systematically round off their knowledge.

It includes all the steps necessary to create a knitted garment, from the choice of yarn to manufacturing apparel, explaining such things as how to use a flatbed knitting machine correctly and the linking, cutting, sewing and, ultimately, ironing of knitted garments.

The book not only takes into account how crucial it is to recognize and develop a stitch. It also acknowledges the importance of knowing how to represent stitches for different machines in a useful way.

For the first time, the author describes the various stitches in a clear and well-structured manner with a language of symbols developed for use with all kinds of studio and domestic knitting machines regardless of the brand: Brother, Silver Reed, Passap, Coppo and Dubied.

The book includes examples of working with traditional materials like wool, alpaca, cotton and linen but also encourages experimenting with paper, plastic materials and vegetal and metallic yarns to create texture, three-dimensional effects and unusual volumes.

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