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Book 100 Years Wesco Boots

by Rin Tanaka.

This year the boot brand West Coast Shoe Company, better known as Wesco, is celebrating their 100th anniversary. To celebrate this milestone they published a book together with Rin Tanaka.

Rin Tanaka is a world famous vintage fashion historian and known of his My Freedamn inspiration books. In total he has released more than 20 titles since 1998. He’s also the founder of the vintage event Inspiration L.A.

More Than 5 Years Of Work.

Rin Tanaka worked for more than 5 years on this Wesco book. The book features over 1.500 old rare photos from 1890’s to 1990’s from vintage Wesco boots.

It also contains their origin, story, catalogs and many more. It captures the brand story since 1918 when founder John Henry Shoemaker started the company. The pay-off ”Boots that stand the gaff” refers to the business slogan when the brand opened their first store in Portland during the 1920’s.

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