Indietro  The Handbook of Great Italian Perfumery Fifty years of exceptional scents

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This volume is the first of its kind: a publication dedicated exclusively to the history of Italian perfumery and fragrances.

A compendium full of historical news, curiosities and punctual information which, in remembering how modern perfumery was born in Italy – reaching the much more renowned France only in the 16th century, when Caterina de’ Medici married the Duke of Orleans – retraces the events that marked the development of this veritable art: from the creation of the Cologne water to the Violetta di Parma, from the diffusion of perfumed talc to aftershave, from the workshops of the early twentieth century to the big brands from the eighties and nineties which, through marvelous perfumes, avant-garde marketing and refined design bottles, also in this sector conveyed the passion for Made in Italy.

In the second part of the book an anthology of 100 famous fragrances follows, accompanied by extensive historical-descriptive cards and divided by decades starting from the seventies, allowing the reader to follow the evolution of contemporary perfumery, focusing on the major trends up to the present day.

A final chapter recounts the perfume chain in Italy through the words of some excellent producers active in this field.

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