Indietro  Sustainable Fashion: Responsible Consumption, Design, Fabrics, and Materials

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An insight on the world of sustainable fashion: alternative ways of production, eco-friendly and reused materials and practical care advice for garments.

The planet has come to a critical situation and it is up to all of us to innovate and drive change in all aspects of life, and fashion definitely is no exception.

The fashion industry and its procedures are changing rapidly thanks to the visionary mindset of innovators, their business perspectives, the renewal of industrial processes, and a reconsideration of existing values.

More and more customers are demanding that the clothes they buy to be socially and environmentally aware: no child labor, minimum or zero impact on the planet, and safe working conditions are the basis of the sustainable values that customers are expecting from fashion companies.

This book provides all the necessary insight for designers, fashion companies, retailers, and consumers that want to become more sustainability conscious.

It includes a comprehensive overview of the current actions taken by pioneering designers and brands and how they are integrating basic sustainable principles, and eco-friendly and reused materials, to create a new generation of fashion products, including information on different fabric types, alternative production types, reuse and practical care advice for the garments.

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