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An inspiring selection of what is happening in the world of auteur jewellery right now, particularly with regard to brooches.

Edited by Nicolás Estrada, New Brooches, now in paperback, focuses on brooches within an exploration of current innovative trends in contemporary jewelry. With a selection of over 400 jewelry artists’ creations from all over the world, this inspirational volume is the most comprehensive compilation on this subject and an important step in Nicolás Estrada’s exploration of current trends in contemporary jewellery.

A must-have for any professional or student of jewelry or fashion design, this work shows the versatile and dynamic nature of brooches and the many and varied materials and forms that they involve. Needing only a pin to secure it to the wearer’s garment, this ornament is essentially a jewelry artist’s blank canvas that invites endless creativity and offers more freedom of expression than any other form of jewelry.

The brooch has continued to evolve and be reinterpreted over time, and it is playing a critical role in the development of new jewelry as a platform for artistic expression. Following the success of Estrada’s New Rings, New Earrings, New Necklaces, New Brooches represents a valuable contribution to this series.

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