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A career-spanning survey of the influential modernist photographer.

In 1985, the National Museum of Luxembourg unexpectedly received a generous bequest from the estate of the world-renowned Luxembourg-born American photographer Edward Steichen (1879–1973).

The bequest comprised a total of 178 prints, 175 of which were by Steichen himself. These prints cover all aspects of his photographic oeuvre—from the pictorialist images of his early years to the portraiture, fashion, advertising, landscapes and family photographs of his late career.

Edward Steichen: The Luxembourg Bequest presents this extraordinary collection in a comprehensive and scholarly treatment for the first time. Replete with full-page illustrations of all 178 photographs, the publication includes six new essays by five authors that examine the provenance and historical significance of the Luxembourg donation, as well as Steichen’s special role as a transmitter of modernism from Europe to America.

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