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Luxury - the name of this opulent coffee table book alone says it all. It's all about aesthetics, decadence, beauty, trends, glamor, and money.

The well-known photographer, journalist, brand and communications consultant Michael Köckritz has taken a detailed look at this fascinating world of the rich, celebrities and stars in his latest coffee table book.

In an impressive visual language, backed by informative texts, he shows the most important luxury brands of our modern times.

Watches, cars, bags, buildings, holiday resorts and jewelry, the author touches on all luxury-related subject areas and unerringly pinpoints the respective key items.

Köckritz approaches the phenomenon of luxury from an artistic-scientific perspective and sheds light on profound questions such as "What is luxury?", "Why do we strive for luxury?" or "How does luxury affect the reality of our lives?".

Luxury is bursting with outstanding images and high-quality texts. The coffee table book embodies its own theme to perfection and thus becomes an art project that is even accompanied by an art exhibition and a film/moving image production.

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Casa Editrice: Teneus
Lingua: Inglese/Tedesco
Pagine: 272


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