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The marriage between flowers and fashion has never been more pronounced than when seen in the work of Yves Saint Laurent.

This retrospective examines Yves Saint Laurent's use of flowers from their symbolism to their fruition on the runway.

Flowers in every form inspired fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, serving as a leitmotif in his work.

His passion for plants manifested itself in countless patterns and techniques, and he adorned women in floral appliques, prints, and embroideries.

From a thousand and one rose buds to sprigs of lily of the valley, from an avalanche of bougainvillea to delicate poppy touches, and from sheaves of wheat to majestic lilies, nature was an essential part of his visual palette.

Through the discerning eyes of Olivier Saillard, this veritable garden of Yves Saint Laurent's designs-culled from a broad range of styles-metamorphoses into a bouquet of flowering silhouettes.

Under the direction of Elsa Janssen and Alexis Sornin, essays from Emanuele Coccia, Marc Jeanson, and Serena Bucalo Mussely explore, respectively, the symbolism of flowers, characteristics of his recurring prints, and the designer's signature use of flora in accessories.

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Anno/Mese di Uscita: 2024
Casa Editrice: Flammarion
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