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The rich archive of the sports and fashion brand is revealed through a fluid, unexpected book that retraces its history through a sort of time-lapse.

A visual narrative that recapitulates FILA’s 110 years of history through short circuits and jumps in space and time, the volume is an enormous, fluid time-lapse that reveals its meaning in the unexpected contrast of archival images.

FILA was the first brand to leave the playing field, whatever it was, to enter into everyday life, as well as the collective imagination of the Italian and international public.

The driving force and testimonials came from the sports figures themselves, rising to a level of fame comparable to that of rock stars.

Associating a wide variety of materials, from catalog images to rotogravures, in Timelapse, FILA’s supremacy within the sport/lifestyle crossover emerges in and of itself, with the evidence of a pop document.

The visual story is interspersed with texts that act as a magnifying glass on the succession of images, triggering reflections on its history (by Marta Franceschini, Carlo Antonelli, Matteo Codignola, Emanuele Coccia, Michele Galluzzo, Lorenzo Ottone, and Angelo Flaccavento).

A collection of narrative texts focuses on the value of certain objects or items that marked FILA’s history (Karl Holmqvist on Björn Borg, Silvia Calderoni on Greg Louganis, Jeph Button on Reinold Messner, HB Hoyo on Giovanni Soldini, Rahim Attarzadeh on Gosha Rubchinskiy, and Charlie Fox on FILA shoes).

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Anno/Mese di Uscita: 2024
Casa Editrice: Rizzoli
Lingua: Inglese
Pagine: 320


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