Indietro  Guido Argentini: Argentum

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A daring and innovative study of the human body and its range of movement.

A landmark work that will enrich any photographic library.

Colour and texture radically influence how we perceive shapes.

While looking for an innovative approach at a 1995 Miami photo shoot, photographic master Guido Argentini was moved to coat a model in silver makeup.

The result was as beautiful as it was intriguingthe subtle greyish tones highlighted angles and surfaces in a way that was other-worldly. Inspired by the results, Argentini created a whole series of silver-hued models.

In so doing, he uncovered a fresh perspective for nude photography.

Evoking the luminous polished planes of Brancusi and the verve of Degas’ ballet sketches, these photographs endow the human body with both the solidity of sculpture and the vivid energy of dance. 100 duotone photographs.

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Anno/Mese di Uscita: 2013
Casa Editrice: Teneues
Copertina: Hard Cover
Lingua: Italiano/Inglese
No.illustrazioni: 107
Pagine: 192


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