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Purple is a French fashion, art and culture magazine founded in 1992.

Issue 8: The Cosmos Issue.


we are the world by Emanuele Coccia 150 billion pieces of clothing by Maxine Bédat selling space by John Jefferson Selve panic civilization by Peter Sloterdijk the creation of the world or globalization by Jean-Luc Nancy harmony korine by Richard Prince an interview with marie-claire daveu by Olivier Zahm art paul mccarthy by Paul Mccarthy an interview with jean-marc janvovici by Olivier Zahm an interview with joep van lieshout by Kaitlin Phillips living in a bubble by Gianni Oprandi an interview with martin rees by Hans Ulrich Obrist an interview with doug aitken by Olivier Zahm time zero by Synchrodogs olafur eliasson and thomas demand by Maxime Ballesteros emma kunz by Hans Ulrich Obrist the multiverse miu miu f/w 19/20 by Coco Capitán an interview with alicja kwade by Donatien Grau best of men f/w 19/20 letter to a young scientist by Ola Rindal an interview with éliane radigue by Jonathan Hepfer gravitational waves chanel cruise 2020 by Dario Catellani an interview with judy chicago by Jeffrey Deitch an interview with bernard stiegler by John Jefferson Selve inclusivity now dior cruise 2020 maria grazia chiuri by Olivier Zahm and Suffo Moncloa falling to earth by Bibi Cornejo Borthwick an interview with fred eversley by Olivier Zahm an interview with scott bolton by Savannah Nolan and Olivier Zahm an interview with alex reed by Olivier Zahm after the fire (malibu) bottega veneta f/w 19/20 by Colin Dodgson the no kill kitchen manifesto by Carsten Höller an interview with philippe parreno by Olivier Zahm an interview with lucie and luke meier by Olivier Zahm tomorrowland by Angelo Pennetta u 2 m 2 u 2 m by Urs Fischer and Madeline Hollander hilma af klint the invisible, the spiritual, the occult by Hans Ulrich Obrist ad astra fendi f/w 19/20 by Olivier Zahm tom sachs space program: mars, 2012 by Olivier Zahm zen garden continuum by Takashi Homma an interview with jordan kahn by Olivier Zahm marine serre F/W 19/20 by Olivier Zahm balenciaga f/w 19/20 astro-monastic by Juergen Teller bomarzo parco dei mostri gucci f/w 19/20 by Camille Vivier from chaos to cosmos by Donatien Grau an interview with christophe galfard by Olivier Zahm best of the season f/w 19/20 cosmodrome by Tim Elkaïm 186,282 miles per second by Pierre-Ange Carlotti eleven years by Tim Blanks neuromance prada f/w 19/20 by Chikashi Suzuki an interview with yusaku maezawa by Emilien Crespo chaosmos by Félix Guattari the origin of the universe by Étienne Klein edito by Olivier Zahm 

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