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The Book for Paper Lovers has, over the years, become our mascot ; it speaks for Flow and says : "See ? Paper is definitely here to stay".

This-the seventh-edition is once again a compilation of hundreds of pages full of beautiful paper goodies, which have been divided into three chapters.

First, we have "Re-post" : with all sorts of things for making and receiving post, such as writing paper, stickers and folding envelopes.

Then there's "Re-use", with goodies that help you with-you guessed it-reuse, such as tags and labels.

And finally, "Re-joice", full of different types of paper you can use for celebrations, like garlands, place cards and wrapping paper.

Plus : a pop-up wild swimming scene, cat notebook, mobile, masking tape stickers, and posters.

All the paper goodies inside are removable, so please rip the book to pieces. And, of course, we hope you have fun !

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Casa Editrice: MOULINSART


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