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The Preserve Journal is an independent print magazine dedicated to the exploration of a more sustainable, responsible, and resilient food culture.

With it we wish to invite our readers to look beyond the bite of food on their fork, and to see the whole picture of their meal and their role in it.

The magazine was founded in the fall of 2018 and bloomed out of a wish to take part in the environmental debate through the lens of food, to share the stories of the many alternatives and to help re-shape the understanding of what's actually possible.

Through it, we advocate an alternative way of life: one filled with curiosity, honesty, and a lot of love, one that is a powerful form of activism in itself. ​Here in Preserve, we believe that fermenting, foraging, living with the Earth and all of its inhabitants, as well as learning with and from each other offer concrete resistance to the homogenized, industrialized and capitalistic structures that predominate today’s food culture.

We make no claim to knowing what food sustainability should mean to all of us, since we recognize the topic’s complex and multi-dimensional character. We are therefore not seeking definitions, but rather hoping to provide the space for honest and critical explorations.

Our aim is to embrace as many inspiring, diverse and interdisciplinary perspectives, knowledges and voices as possible, in the hopes of exploring the interconnectedness of the many and various fields. For The Preserve Journal, we have therefore joined forces with experts from various backgrounds who all contribute to this magazine with their unique knowledge. We have teamed up with acclaimed chefs, regenerative farmers, biologists, poets, urban gardeners, writers, responsible restaurants, rebellious journalists, academics, artists, travelers, wildlife experts, initiators, environmental activists and many more.

​- And together we co-create and present The Preserve Journal!

Our magazines are printed on FSC certified and recycled paper and they are published completely independent without advertisements or corporate investments. The Preserve Journal is therefore run free of any restraining commercial considerations and interests.⁠

These financial decisions have been made in order for us to stay as honest, direct, radical, resilient and transparent as possible.

In addition The Preserve Journal is non-profit and volunteer-run project, which means that each single purchase of The Preserve Journal constitutes a direct support in the project and in the print of the coming issue. We are therefor infinitely grateful for every single purchase, read and sharing of our magazine, since each of these actions makes it possible for us to publish The Preserve Journal now and in the future!⁠

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