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Special Issue with Men's File + Clutch magazine

Speciale Italia Vintage

In these times I start this communique almost speechless. In a few short months we have gone from a realm of incredible freedoms to a virtual prison of unimaginable restrictions.

An entire summer of events has been cancelled and universal lockdowns have meant the wider Men’s File family have not been able to meet, shake hands and share a beer. But things are getting better and we can save our best builds, most polished collections and finest threads for another day: that will come soon.

We Bring You a World of Style
Although we celebrate the artisan and innovator with extra pages of new products for you to peruse, action is always close at hand. In this issue we follow the journey of photographer Fabio Affuso and his trusty Moto Guzzi 850 Eldorado along the ancient Roman roads from London to Naples and feature much else from Italy too – an acknowledged land of craftsmanship since the time of the Caesars. We visit (what must be) Europe’s biggest motorcycle fair, staged in Lyon, that not only showcases what’s new in the world of biking, but has vast displays of rare vintage machines – the biggest this magazine had ever seen. However, we focus, not on that impressive expo, but on the far more interesting sideshow at the event run by a group of French pre-war enthusiasts called L’Intrepide. And, this is also our cover story. Moving North to Belgium and we celebrate the opening of Eat Dust’s new store and café, now active in Antwerp. Papa Nui sends us shots from under a palm tree on his Southsea atoll and Miss Lolo from Shanghai gives us a glimpse of her new collection for vintage women. We continue to be totally international in our scope and remit and bring you exclusive stories from the four corners of the globe.

Welcome to New Talent
For the first time on these pages we feature the work of lensmen Tim Scott and David Marvier who give us their respective takes on diverse strands of the hot rod scene. Pomona based Mr Scott highlights parts of the So-Cal go-fast crew, while Monsieur Marvier brings us last summer’s vintage sprints, run on Sword Beach, Normandy.

This is the deal: if everyone (it needs to be over 80% of people) in any society wears non-medical face covers in crowded areas, the spread of Covid-19 will lessen. No one knows by how much, but it does some good. That’s why we are promoting any rugged brand making good-looking masks!

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