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Nikkou is a UFO in the newspaper publishing world — bilingual, pan-African, unisex and daring — a premium and experimental collector coffee table magazine.

As always, Nikkou praises the melting pot.

Fashion, luxury and contemporary art are considered through the prism of diversity. Their development takes place at the crossroads of different cultures.

In NIKKOU, the African continent is neither used as decor nor objectified. It is really considered as a creative topic and force with a new singular approach and a precise tone.

“Let there be light and there was light”, Genesis 1:3.

“Daylight”, “sunshine”, so many words that define Nikkou, this word of japanese origin, Nikkō. Nikkou illuminates the world in its globality and its diversity, directing its gaze to the men and women who create the fashion, style, culture and art of yesterday and of today, wherever they come from.

Beyond continents, languages, races, ages, sexes, cultures, religions and identities. Light is vital, both for the survival of our planet and of humankind. It is also thanks to light that one designs and sculpts a relief and gives depth to an image.

Nikkou is the first multicultural magazine that brings together fashion, luxury and contemporary art. Nikkou is a magazine with a collector value and an experimental vocation.

A magazine with a strong visual identity – made in Africa, this continent that is capable of producing an innovative and demanding discourse. A magazine that cultivates an alternative vision and a unique aesthetic, which the creative industries need now more than ever, on the cusp of the 2020s.

Here, the visual codes are disrupted: the classical gives way to the daring. Mixing of genres, lavish prints, vibrant colors, varied natural and exotic landscapes... Nikkou is an ode to beauty, to fantasy and to perfection. Nikkou is an escape, and, above all, a space of freedom and fascination.

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