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C41 Magazine is published twice a year, presenting in each issue a spotless selection of contemporary visual contents from all over the world.

We believe there are numerous ways to tell the same story; everything you need is to change, even if slightly, the point of view.

This is the reason why even an apparently trivial topic can unveil a world of hidden meanings.


In the past five years, we have always found the time to research, to educate ourselves, to understand how the world was changing and how we could change with it. Being fearless inevitably lead to failure but – for most of our life – failing has been the best way to grow.

C41 issue 10 opens up a new chapter for us. A new Renaissance.
We became deeply interested in environmental issues and the way we worked changed accordingly: we choose to use a biodegradable paper and developed a new format to waste as little paper as possible in the printing process.

We remove every excess, from our layout to our contents, focusing on real deep conversations to provide incredible stories of ordinary people living their extraordinary lives.

C41 issue 10 is dedicated to our beloved Italy, to all the people in the contemporary Italian landscape who are trying to reshape our country through art and design.
Together we grow.

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