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In this issue Natasha Stagg reports on a trip to John Currin’s New York studio and his new paintings; William Middleton explores the newly unveiled Bourse de Commerce, Paris; Kon Trubkovich discusses memory, media, and the Cold War in a conversation with Victoria Phillips; and we share a collection of tributes to Eli Broad.

For our Leaders in the Arts series, Chris Kraus and Hedi El Kholti, coeditors of the legendary press Semiotext(e), join the founders of Cassandra Press and Siglio Press for a conversation on publishing. Yayoi Shionoiri speaks with the Quarterly’s Alison McDonald about the recent legal victory for Chris Burden’s estate in Indonesia and how to navigate the blurry lines of fair-use law. Our Bigger Picture feature highlights the Gallery Climate Coalition, a collaborative effort to motivate the art world to examine and change its habits in relation to climate change

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