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Issue N°3: Cosmic Commons

Climate. Fashion. Vision.

THE LISSOME publishes an annual print edition featuring essays, interviews, poetry and fashion stories.

There is a beautiful slowness and intentionality that comes with creating something that materialises in the world – as well as with reading something in print rather than on fleeting online pages.

We aspire to create print editions that are beautiful and long-lasting, that inspire through their physical form as well as their purposeful content and that can be referred back to in time and passed on to future generations of readers.

As an annual magazine and a digital platform curated by an international collective of writers, photographers and stylists, THE LISSOME envisions regenerative (fashion) futures – exploring gentler, wiser and more meaningful ways of living, working and being through wonder, contemplation and the transformative powers of beauty and joy.

In our 3rd edition, we create a vision board for a collaborative future, a living breathing commons, filled with cosmic laughter and universal love.

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