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MIA Le Journal delves into the notion of intimacy as a condition of unique physical and emotional closeness of human beings and its affectivity.

An independent international magazine about fashion, photography, art, music and cinema.

A semi-annual collection of interviews and photo shoots that explore people’s intimate sphere through a deep and delicate introspection that gives shape to feelings, mind games and inner conflicts.

A project born of a group of artists fiercely motivated by a common desire for creativity and the search for authenticity.

Spring Summer 2022 // SEDUCTION ISSUE XIV

This fourteenth issue of Mia Le Journal Collection is packed with images, moving and astonishing stories with a surreal slant, steeped in luxury, elegance and seduction and brimming with cultural references.

Through the lenses of photographers and the hands of artists, the observations behind the elegance expressed by the images allow us to glimpse the existence of another reality, mysterious and seductive, which the viewer is free to interpret.

A genuine interaction between men and women, never banal and never falling into vulgarity.

It’s essential to underline the importance of the new graphic restyling of Mia Le Journal Collection, 250 more pages than the previous issue and a multiplicity of different papers.


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