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V Magazine + VMAN are proud to introduce the latest addition to our editorial family, MINI V.

Small magazine, BIG personality: MINI V is for a new generation of disruptors, game changers, and industry shakers—a youthquake awakened!

As the younger sibling of V and VMAN, MINI V shares the same DNA as its older siblings—having both been regarded as vanguards for photography, fashion, music and culture—MINI V comes in with a more youthful lens.

This editorial offshoot strives for individuality via an unbounded exploration of self-expression that Gen Z has become known for.

As a nonstop festival of artistry, beauty, and inclusivity, MINI V: The Premiere Issue is fueled by a new era of imagination–powered by global accessories powerhouse Claire’s.

From the best in jewelry and fashion trends, to profiles with the newest stars of Hollywood, exclusive conversations with the internet’s buzziest muses, and essays by Gen Z writers that partake in conversations around mental health, multicultural representation, body inclusivity, and more, this MINI magazine is action packed with the new and the now, ready to take on the world.

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